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About me and artistic painting

In this section I tell you a little more about my way of understanding painting, my origins, my sources of learning and how artistic painting has become my way of life.

Lola Arellano

I was born in Seville in 1970, I studied technical architecture and dramatic art, but my true passion is artistic painting.

I have been doing self-taught portraits since I was 18, I have been polishing and improving my technique in the more than 30 years I have been painting. In 2013 I was part of a collective exhibition in the red gallery of Seville.

As soon as the painting I face my creations in several ways, in the realistic paintings I do a mechanic process in terms of proportions, however I try to bring freshness in the brushstroke and the way of applying the colors, I also like the ephemeral strokes. There are techniques that encourage more this way of painting as is watercolor, and others that allow a quieter, more rational execution such as oil.

I understand the painting as an expression of myself through the brushes, it is inevitable even if a realistic painting is painted that part of myself is expressed in the same painting and that is what always gives value to an original object, not mechanized , either a painting or anything that is done from people. The manual and original work is still a value in itself of authenticity.

The Art of Artistic Painting

Commissioned Painting

Find out how you can commission a painting. Through an idea or an image I will project it on the canvas or paper, and you will have an original and exclusive painting.

Gift Painting

Giving art is the best option to surprise that special person, which we want to keep a memory of us forever.

My Works

Here you can see some of the works I have done throughout my career in the world of artistic painting, with different techniques.



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