Custom Painting Baby

Paintings and personalized portraits of baby, keep the best possible memory of the smallest of the house. A handmade souvenir full of sentimental value.

How to comission a personalized baby painting?

When we want to realize, our child has grown up, and there is no better way to have a memory full of sentimental value, than a hand-painted picture of our baby. No matter what a portrait to decorate your home or a memorable gift for grandparents, a handmade portrait is the perfect way to capture precious memories and remember these special moments.


The process to follow for the commissioned painting would be the following:

Step 1

Content choice

In a first contact, we will select the image from which to start for the baby’s painting. It will be based on this image, and I will contribute the different possible ideas.

Step 2

Size Choice

Oil sizes are standardized in the market, although if a special size is desired it can be done separately in the workshop. Below you can see what the standard sizes are.

medidas estandar de cuadros

Step 3

Payment of the order

As soon as the size is confirmed, the price will be agreed, half the price of the painting will be paid. Once payment is received, it will become part of the list of pending orders. If you want modifications made, it can be checked once. If you are not happy with the final result, the advance amount will not be refunded.

Step 5

Execution and Delivery

Approximate date will be given for delivery, once the work is finished, you will receive images via email of your finished painting. Once approved, the second payment will be made, after which the shipment will be made (The expenses are free). The total execution time ranges between 3 and 7 weeks in total for canvases and between 2 or 3 weeks for watercolors.